Playing Online Slots

Play for Free until you've developed a Strategy

Playing online slots has become the world's favorite computer gambling game. All kinds of slot machines enjoy a huge popularity today, as people have been playing land-based slot machines for over a century and have figured out strategies for beating the one-armed bandits.

Online slots have only been introduced about a decade ago, but the game rules and the games themselves are pretty much the same as for slot machines in "real" casinos. And all the other aspects are even greater: playing online doesn't require spending any money on hotel accommodation, plane tickets and it doesn't require so much time and energy. Today, anyone can enjoy playing online slots from the comfort home.

Although all online casinos offer a wide range of slot games, much more than brick-and-mortar casinos, the objective of these games and the game procedure is basically the same. In a nutshell, all you need to do is insert the coins and spin the reel. The computer takes care of the rest. After the reels stop spinning, just look at the payout lines and see whether your symbols combination is a winning one.

The variety of online slot games is so generous that the only problem you may encounter here is which type of slot to choose first. There are the 3-reel slot machines, where there can be up to 3 payout lines, in order to win here your winning combination appear on any one of the payout lines (top, bottom or middle row, left or right diagonal).

With the 5 reel slots, your winning odds undoubtedly increase. There are up to nine payout lines and your winning combination has to be on at least one of them. There are also bonus slot machines, having only the middle row as a payout line, but here you can win great bonuses. Many people prefer playing online slots of this type.

If you like risking more in order to have a better chance of winning more often, there are slot machines with up to 25 payout lines, When you play slots with as many as 25 payout lines, the fun and excitement increases proportionally with the prizes. Here, you may use wild card symbols to come up with a winning combination. And there's even more: there are multispin or mega spin slots, also with higher chances of winning, as there are more spins, it can seem like you are playing multiple 3-reel slot games all at a time.

So, lining up winning combinations when playing online slots can happen more frequently than when playing other casino games. Just remember that the more you bet, the higher the payout when you line up a winning combination. And this is easily done either by dropping a virtual coin in the slot or by simply entering the wager. Then you use the button on the screen and watch the reels spin.

The outcome of the game is determined by the random number generator, which assures the fairness of the games. If you feel unsure, or if you have never played slot machines before, I strongly suggest you start out by playing online slots for free.

Don't risk your money until you have become familiar with the various online slot games and you have an idea what to expect and what your chances of winning might be. At most online casinos you have the option of playing online slots "for fun" or "for real". Choose the "for fun" mode until you feel absolutely comfortable wagering real money.

When you do decide to "play for real", don't forget to take advantage of the Welcome Bonus offered to new players. For example, Roxy Palace gives you $100 free when you deposit $100 and at Golden Casino you get get up to $555 FREE!

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